Bathroom vanities
Modern vanities

Modern design is becoming more and more popular. Sleek, simple lines create an open, inviting space perfectly suited for a contemporary life style. Building a modern bathroom is easier than ever. Boma sell not just the vanity alone but complete bathroom vanity sets that allow you to transform your entire vanity space in a single purchase. Because all the parts you need cabinet,countertop,different kinds of sink,wood shelf are available, modern bathroom...

Modern vanities
Traditional vanities
Traditional vanities

A simplified, streamlined take on traditional that’s commonly referred to as “transitional, with cabinets that have just enough woodwork to feel elegant, but lines that are simple and casual enough for a contemporary home. All drawers are made with dovetailed joining for added strength and longevity ,and are placed on smooth full extension slider, giving you greater access to the inside of the drawers with whisper-quiet operation. All cabinets come in al...

Contemporary vanities
Contemporary vanities

Contemporary bathroom vanities offer the best of both worlds, combining beautiful hardwood and simplified traditional styles with spunky modern hardware. Boma provide series of designs with a warm, luxurious feel without looking too old fashioned or ornate. Our sleek and fashionable contempo bathroom vanities are the perfect companion to any contemporary-styled bathroom. it was simple,functional, and made to last.

Bathroom vanity tops
> Quartz
Quartz Countertops are rapidly becoming one of America ’s favorite countertop surface s . They are s...
> Marble
A marble bathroom countertop would add style and sophisticationto any bathroom . Marble bathroom coun...
> Granite
Granite countertop is a great choice for any vanity. Granite is a natural occurring stone and because of it...
Bathroom vanity sinks
Porcelain Sink
> Porcelain Sink
With a more than five-year export experience in North America and a deep understanding of the market demand for...
Glass Sink
> Glass Sink
Glass vessel sinks are an iconic feature of modern design, so it isn’t surprising that many modern...
Stone Sink
> Stone Sink
Stone sinks made out of natural stone such as granite, marble, travertine and onyx are unique pieces of art th...